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Have to hurry to a meeting…. You should try this faishonable 'getting laid' thing; it's quite fun once you got the hang of it. Normally I'd back you on this one but since I'm severely addicted to redheads you're on your own this time. I wanted to say something but was afraid my inner Pedobear would show. And you will get to see every part of her that anyone would ever want to see and some that no one ever would. I actually know her pretty well… that pic had to be just post preggo, still nice though.

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But Photoshop Fail on her right tit.

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It would be wicked if you stopped using models, and just sticked to chivettes…. Bathwater is sometimes delicious, depending on the products used. Amit Freidman, and she's had her own gallery in theChive before: There is no such thing as 'too many freckles' on a redhead. I'm normally not a huge fan of these red head posts, but this one has me thoroughly enjoying myself! Nikki Rhodes is the best.

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