Missionaries religion condoms africa

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Sometimes I fear that we Protestants hold particular views simply because they are the opposite of Catholicism! Today, more harmonious relations reign between the two groups of role-players. They may indeed actually want a large family, but is it right to force a large family on them through the use of spiritual intimidation? Most of the thousands of volunteers who every day reach out and touch the lives of those infected, their families and their communities, are Christians. Religious banners are irrelevant. It is that by expressing sexual desire in ways that deliberately try to evade the good of procreation, we are acting irrationally. O ppenheimer Gerald M.

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The Ifs poor lack balanced diets and are therefore highly vulnerable to various diseases which aggravate the risk of infection.

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The Catholic church is right: the condom is no cure for Aids in Africa

The chorus of condemnation has grown stronger with every passing day. I cite the Song of Solomon. However, let me step into the breach and offer some scriptural guidance on the use of condoms: As to sexual autonomy, reproductive autonomy and tolerance of deviance, we recommend adopting Wingood's diplomatic approaches to congregants of religious organisations through organised church groups. United Nations bodies have criticised the Church for its stance against condom use, on the basis that condoms are the best available means to prevent infections among sexually active people. They concluded that efforts to change behavior do work demonstrably. When you say that; "Mass production of contraceptives could arguably benefit Africa, but has arguably harmed the West" IF it has harmed the West, isn't it rational to think that it will cause the same "harm" to Africa, and that therefore, in our rush to solve one problem Aidswe will invariably create another.

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missionaries religion condoms africa
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missionaries religion condoms africa
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