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He is poor, unemployedhas an obnoxious personality, and a small penis which does not work properly. Amy is part of a group of four women who sing in a karaoke bar about various bad things, then rob a sperm bank. Views Read Edit View history. Amy is shown the part of the shop which is for customers who are not slim. Amy sings about her buttocks.

I had to throw myself into it.

Flashback: Amy Schumer on Sex Scene with John Cena -- His Body Is 'Not Even Human'

Amy interviews the woman who has waxed her for nine years. Amy searches for the perfect sex tip while working for a magazine. The session is of no use to Amy, because the counsellor is emotional because her parents were recently killed in a fire. He accidentally shoots himself in the foot. Amy eats a yogurt called Yo-Puss, in order to make her vagina not taste of anything.

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  1. First clip is hot. But what is her husband doing while his wife is getting seduced in front of him ??